Winding up Ughandi B village project



It is with sadness that Richard and myself have decided to wind up our project in Ughandi B Tanzania over the next few months. The remaining funds will be distributed to where it’s most needed.

From my first visit in 2003 with Abraham till the present it has been a truly amazing and worthwhile experience to work alongside the locals and indeed experience village life.

We would thank all those who over the past 10 years have come along for the journey helping in any way they could. Too many individuals, charities and companies to thank personally but you know who you are. Most of all we thank the villagers for accepting us as one of them and for their hospitality, especially the Ng’eni family and project manager Abraham without whom none of the projects would have been possible.

Many friendships have been made and those will continue as we hold you in our hearts.

Richard and Bryony Loader

Foot note. Here is how we spent the final £500 of project funds.

During April 2019 we decided the money would be best spent on further helping the youth of Ughandi B and to that end Kisuda Orgenes purchased several items for the Community building and had them installed.

The building has become very popular with young people studying in the evenings after school and it has helped many go on to university. They have been so enthusiastic that they asked for mattresses to enable them to sleep over and these have been provided along with bedding.

Mattresses and bedding purchased


Mattresses and bedding purchased









The solar lighting we left for them to study with was not bright enough to cover both sides of the building and since girls had begun to use one half to study at night we purchased a more powerful battery. Bulbs were wired up to the ceiling and switches added.

Larger battery to power lights

Wiring up the roof light

Roof light wired up









Adding the light switch









Over the years we have purchased study books and it was decided to up date them in the subjects of Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography.

Study materials

Youth checking out their new books

Young man eager to study
















There were also minor repairs to the building itself for example the paintwork and door handles.

Tidying up the Community building paint work

Repairing the lock


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Dispensary building at finishing stage.

Faraja Kulanga  (World Vision) has emailed us some photos of recent works to the dispensary which is now at the finishing stage of plastering and concreting. It is hoped that by the end of July we will be in a position to lease with the government for the remaining furnishings and equipment.

Dispensary progress July 2018

Dispensary progress July 2018

Dispensary progress July 2018

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Community building update

There are now six girls and five boys currently sleeping over in our building which are under the care of Mr and Mrs Ngeni. This is a huge step forward as previously it was not thought appropriate for girls to overnight there. They have a separate room but currently no beds so sleep on the floor. Such is their dedication to education that they are willing to overcome this inconvenience. Several students have already gone on to further education from this project.

Text books, stationery, solar lamps and footballs for all groups to use

Sunday School group


Group studying during summer holidays


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Maliasili and Elimu pumps

Maliasili and Elimu pumps

During December 2017 both pumps were re commissioned  having not been usable for some time, Maliasili at least from the summer to 2014 and Elimu more recently.Kisuda Orgenes project managed the work and now both pumps are fully working again.

Each pump needed a complete overhaul due to salts in the ground eroding pipes. Although we had looked into using cheaper plastic this was not possible due to the depth of the pumps. The up keep of both pumps is proving costly to the project and therefore it has been decided to hand responsibility over to the community. We have attempted this in the past and not been successful, however we are now running the project down and therefore will not be able to step in to repair in future.


Pump reinstatement December 2017

Pump reinstatement December 2017

Pump reinstatement December 2017

Both pumps back in commission

Both pumps back in commission

Both pumps back in commission

Works have proven costly therefore pumps will now be handed over to the community

Works have proven costly therefore pumps will now be handed over to the community

Works have proven costly therefore pumps will now be handed over to the community

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Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

We end 2017 with very good news from Ughandi B

A decision was taken at the beginning of the year to partner with World Vision thus enabling us to complete the dispensary build in Ughandi B and we are happy to announce that progress has been made. The building now has aluminium window frames and a roof. There is still a way to go before completion, however Richard and myself would like to thank World Vision for their assistance in this matter.

We thank World Vision for partnering us to complete the build

Looking much more like the finished product

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The water harvesting project is still working well.


Kisuda has thanked the project for it’s help in educating primary school children through access to the school building and materials.

Last summer Kisuda was able to visit Ughandi B during his field work. He gave us a welcome report on both the school building and water harvesting.

With the use of our school building and materials funded by the project several young people have been able to reach secondary education. Kisuda explained to the pupils attending and at Muhuvi school how important it was to have a good education and to take advantage of the rooms provided. Kisuda was educated in the village and is currently in his third year degree course at UDSM.

He was able to check on the water harvesting for us and remove debris from the guttering. You can see here that Mr Ng’eni is still gathering water in late August.

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Great news from Ughandi B

Three secondary pupils who study in our after school groups have attained division 3 passes at O Level, the overall pass rate in Tanzania is 23% for division 1 to 3. For these young people to be among the 23% is a huge achievement and we congratulate them on their results. Importantly for them it means they can now move on to Advanced level.

Study Group Three have passed their O Level exams at division 3

Study Group
Three have passed their O Level exams at division 3

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Maliasili pump

Maliasili Pump July 2011

Maliasili pump the nearest to the new dispensary build has broken down. We have instructed Abraham to ensure engineers look into the problem as soon as contact can be made with the village chairman or committee member.



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Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2016

On behalf of Richard, myself and all who live in Ughandi B I’d like to wish you all a happy and prospeous New Year. Thank you for your continued support.

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Dispensary and staff houses final report

Dispensary and staff houses final report.

The project has received the final dispensary and staff houses report detailing its progress throughout the five years since the villagers began this government led initiative.

In 2009 it was brought to our attention that the community were raising funds to build a dispensary which would cover a wide area of satelite villages. By our next visit two years later apart from a few blocks not much progress had been made;however we chose not to involve ourselves as we were in the process of housing the sewing group and creating a study area for local students. Our next scheduled visit was in 2014 and this time we were pleased to see a huge difference in the main building but the community was failing in finding funding amongst themselves to complete the task, on top of which there remained two staff houses to build. So in June 2014 Ughandi ‘B’ village project supplied materials and man power to finish the dispensary. During the same period we looked for funding through other charities and thus began our collaboration with Tanzanian Development Trust. In November 2014 Dan Cook Vice Chairman of TDT visited Ughandi ‘B’ with our project manager Abraham Ng’eni and thanks to the trusts generous funding work began on the staff houses. In May 2015 both staff houses were completed and the Ughand ‘B’ village development council submitted the construction project to the District Doctor at Singida council. The response from the District Doctor’s office was that, ‘despite the financial challenges they are in, they will make effort to visit the village to inspect the buildings and when they have enough funds allocation in the budget year starting this July 2015/16 they would complement the villager’s and donor’s effort by finishing the construction in full.

Ughandi ‘B’ village project would like to take this oportunity to thank Tanzanian Development Trust for their timely help in completing the staff houses to the roof level requirement and imparticular Dan Cook. Also Abraham Ng’eni without whos project management skills this would have taken much longer. Finally to everyone who donated prior to our 2014 visit we thank you on behalf of the community of Ughandi ‘B’



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