Community Dispensary Fund Raising Appeal


Ughandi B Dispensary under construction

Ughandi B Dispensary under construction


We are preparing a presentation portfolio Ref: Dispensary funding for Ughandi B Village in Central Tanzania.. If anyone can think of an organisation; charities local to their area who may be interested in donating funds to this worthwhile project please forward details. The Project stands by assisting the village in sustainable needs to improve quality of life. A  Dispensary is very much needed not only to Ughandi B …but for other desperate communities within the catchment area.

The construction and running of this venture is in part co-operation with the Tanzania Government. The community has the responsibility of construction and collection of all costs to all buildings (including two dwellings for qualified medical staff and their families) from foundation to ceiling height , at this point the Authority will then take over to complete. It is paramount that ownership of all investing projects must be handed to the receiving body (Village) to maintain a sustainable future for the community.

The Dispensary will mean so much to these people and although this may be a huge task to complete, we can take encouragement from what the Project has achieved over the years and in some cases where others have failed (Previous Water wells) The Project has persevered in difficult situations to become a success.

Please contact us through this web site if you are able to help.

Thank you.

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