2014 Trip to Tanzania


An exciting 2014 is in store for the project as we meet up with our friends in Ughandi b, this will be my sixth journey and Richard’s fifth. These trips are always exciting as you never know what might happen,which is why I have come to expect the unexpected. Like how many modes of transport can we use and how many times will we brake down? Tanzania holds a wealth of beauty and we have been lucky to sample some of it along the way. It’s a counrty I never tire of.

Our travelling costs are born by ourselves so that all project funds are ploughed into the village. In 2014 we hope to donate a substantial sum for the building of a dispensary. We have seen the difficulties/costs which arise from having to travel to a hospital 45 k away. If blood tests for malaria could be carried out in the village and drugs dispensed immediately it could save lives. The ability to dispense medicines on the spot to help with diarohea could mean the difference between life and death.

This is a much needed resource.

To donate the project details are:


UGHANDI B VILLAGE PROJECT                                                                                                        Account number 28742760                                                                                                            Sort code    30-65-21

Thank you



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