Dispensary and staff houses final report

Dispensary and staff houses final report.

The project has received the final dispensary and staff houses report detailing its progress throughout the five years since the villagers began this government led initiative.

In 2009 it was brought to our attention that the community were raising funds to build a dispensary which would cover a wide area of satelite villages. By our next visit two years later apart from a few blocks not much progress had been made;however we chose not to involve ourselves as we were in the process of housing the sewing group and creating a study area for local students. Our next scheduled visit was in 2014 and this time we were pleased to see a huge difference in the main building but the community was failing in finding funding amongst themselves to complete the task, on top of which there remained two staff houses to build. So in June 2014 Ughandi ‘B’ village project supplied materials and man power to finish the dispensary. During the same period we looked for funding through other charities and thus began our collaboration with Tanzanian Development Trust. In November 2014 Dan Cook Vice Chairman of TDT visited Ughandi ‘B’ with our project manager Abraham Ng’eni and thanks to the trusts generous funding work began on the staff houses. In May 2015 both staff houses were completed and the Ughand ‘B’ village development council submitted the construction project to the District Doctor at Singida council. The response from the District Doctor’s office was that, ‘despite the financial challenges they are in, they will make effort to visit the village to inspect the buildings and when they have enough funds allocation in the budget year starting this July 2015/16 they would complement the villager’s and donor’s effort by finishing the construction in full.

Ughandi ‘B’ village project would like to take this oportunity to thank Tanzanian Development Trust for their timely help in completing the staff houses to the roof level requirement and imparticular Dan Cook. Also Abraham Ng’eni without whos project management skills this would have taken much longer. Finally to everyone who donated prior to our 2014 visit we thank you on behalf of the community of Ughandi ‘B’



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