Kisudas report

The water harvesting project is still working well.


Kisuda has thanked the project for it’s help in educating primary school children through access to the school building and materials.

Last summer Kisuda was able to visit Ughandi B during his field work. He gave us a welcome report on both the school building and water harvesting.

With the use of our school building and materials funded by the project several young people have been able to reach secondary education. Kisuda explained to the pupils attending and at Muhuvi school how important it was to have a good education and to take advantage of the rooms provided. Kisuda was educated in the village and is currently in his third year degree course at UDSM.

He was able to check on the water harvesting for us and remove debris from the guttering. You can see here that Mr Ng’eni is still gathering water in late August.

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