Elimu pump Ughandi 'B'

Ughandi ‘B’ lies in Singida Region central Tanzania 45km north of Singida Town and has no infrastructure. When I visited in 2003 there was one working well to cover around 3000 inhabitants.

Ughandi ‘B’ Water Project was launched in 2005 by Richard and Bryony Loader a husband and wife team from Somerset UK to provide the community with two hand pumps. With the help of family, friends and various charities we raised £21.500. In August 2008 we reached our goal and two hand pumps were installed.

We continued to raise funds for the village and in August 2009 were able to provide the local Primary School with modern pit latrines.

Having seen how both these projects have raised living standards within the village we are now funding smaller projects whereby we will create businesses for groups and families.

There is no limit to what can be achieved, so please continue to support the people of Ughandi ‘B’.

All images and text of ughandib.org are the sole copy right of Bryony and Richard Loader,permission for use must be requested in writing.


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