Chicken Scheme

Ughandi ‘B’ Village Project launching Small Projects Chicken Farm

When I visited this farm in 2003 the house stood alone within the owners’ maize field. In (2009) we were able to donate £300 to help this family turn the dwelling into a small chicken rearing scheme. Building a lockable hen house and fencing off the farm will keep the birds safe from predators and diseases caught from contact with neighbours’ poultry. Normally birds would live off what they can find with no water and no medicine to treat diseases. This scheme uses good husbandry and will be a pilot for others to follow. The chicken scheme has not run entirely without problem as during the first year many birds contracted a debilitating disease from outside the farm,a disease which was brought in with the stock. About half the birds were lost. But during 2010 we were able to replenish with stronger stock from a town some distance away. Since then the family have raised enough birds to do business through bartering for grain within the community. When we visited July 2011 we could see the finished building complete with two sections,one for laying birds the other for breeding. The birds are locked up at night for safety but can roam the farm during the day.

REPORT July 2013 and to date

The farm continues on a very small scale with the family gaining a little income from selling young stock birds and bartering within the village.




So me of the hens roaming the farm

So me of the hens roaming the farm

Cows,goats and sheep have been added to the menagerie

Cows,goats and sheep have been added to the menagerie

Cows being mikled by Mrs ng'eni

Cows being mikled by Mrs ng’eni


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