Kisuda back in Singida

Kisuda Orgenes was born and educated in Ughandi B and is currently in his second year at university in Dar es Salaam. Part of his course work includes teaching practice and he has chosen to do this in Singida where he has been involved in teaching form five and six students.

Student raised and educated in Ughandi B now back in the village teaching

Student raised and educated in Ughandi B now back in Singida for teaching practice

He was able to tell us that three students from the class we built have been selected to join form five which is good news. Even better news is that more students are coming along to take advantage of the building for after school study and overnight.

Kisuda said that whenever he met the students he encouraged them to effectively utilize the resources that were made available and that he had invited others to come. The young people look to Kisuda and can see what he has achieved because he studied at Mhuvi school before them and they are begining to see the importance of education.

Kisuda continues to do well with passes in all subjects however he says he is still not happy with them and wishes to attain higher grades. He says “Am still focusing to achieve high for the last year which begins in October. ”

So we wish him well for his final year and thank him for his continued effort with the youth of Ughandi B.