Muhuvi School

Ughandi ‘B’ Village Project Muhuvi Primary School

Muhuvi Primary School caters for pupils from the age of seven to thirteen and covers Ughandi ‘B’ and its sub villages. It currently has 710 pupils and eight classrooms. In 2008 the project installed a hand pump only a short distance from the school and this has helped the pupils enormously as they have to carry water for use in the school daily. In September 2009 a new pit latrine block was built from a donation via ‘Just a Drop’. Local NGO Hapa also gave child to child education on good hygiene.

In Tanzania primary education is free but uniforms; stationery and books have to be paid for. Numerous donations to our project have enabled us to supply the school with many of their needs. Teacher’s toilets were built from a donation in 2004 and in 2007 we purchased text books for both teachers and pupils written in Swahili. During 2009 we were able to supply them with a vast amount of stationery and uniforms for seventy pupils

Five years ago we met Muhuvi’s English teacher who is blind and I’m happy to say we were able to supply him with a braille machine kindly donated to us by blindaidafrica He was also given a speaking watch.

Below you can see him working at home, although he now has employment in another area.

REPORT July 2012

During 2011 Muhuvi School was supplied with a water tank which harvests rain from one of the school buildings. This tank was not supplied by Ughandi B Village Project but is a great asset. We checked on the tank during our visit in June 2014 and it was empty, but this is to be expected late in the season when there has been very little rain.

REPORT January 2014

Our last visit to Muhuvi school was in 2011 to observe the condition of the pit latrines. We left the head teacher with instructions to varnish the doors and do a general tidy of the area.

Mr Abraham Ng’eni was able to check on this during his visit in August 2013.

In general the structure is sound but there is some movement in the plaster at one end. The doors have not been varnished but due to the local enviroment we can see this is not an option. The boys urinal looks unhygenic and therefore we can only think that the whole area is not cleaned properly.

Hopefully we will be able to see the new headmaster about addressing the cleanliness issues during our visit in June 2014.

REPORT July 2014

We visited Muhivi School during our rounds of different projects and found the latrines to be in a better condition than expected. There has been some subsidance but nothing which caused structural damage and the general cleanliness was good.

Muhuvi pit latrines inspected during our visit in June 2014

Muhuvi pit latrines inspected during our visit in June 2014

Many items of staionery had been donated before our trip and it was decided to hand some over to the school. Unfortunately we could not meet the new headmaster who was away on school holidays but instead left what we had with a teacher who was overseeing a class taking national exams. Mr Orgenes Ng’eni kindly came with us to help with communications; he has remembered the English language well.


Delivering stationery to Muhuvi School

Delivering stationery to Muhuvi School

Tanzania 2014 098


Muhuvi school office

Muhuvi school office

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